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I've got a story that's strange but true

So come fly with me for a bird's eye view

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Birthdate:Jan 1
frank abagnale
{ future con man }
"Rules of the road say, 'Don't look back, eyes straight ahead, don't jump the track.' Try a new game and pray that I can win."

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Name: Frank William Abagnale, Jr.
Fandom:Catch Me If You Can (the musical)
PB: Aaron Tveit
Basic Info:here

Age: 14
Birthday: April 27
Year: Freshman (Class of 2016)
Email: butterouttacream at gmail dot com
Big Sibling:Lucrezia Borgia
Little Sibling:Arietty Clock


Summer II 2012

Living Arrangements
322 with Thomasina Coverly

Poetry 101 | Monday | Romeo Montague
Modern Technology for Absolute Beginners | Tuesday | Tyrion Lannister

Turtle and Canary | Tuesday

Summer I 2012

Living Arrangements
322 with Thomasina Coverly
Persis Tent with Darcy Lewis, George Drayton and Lex Luthor

Is Love A Tender Thing? | Tuesday | Romeo Montague and Dōjima Yurika
The Art of Disguise | Wednesday | Sherlock Holmes
Surviving Life at Court | Friday | Tyrion Lannister

Turtle and Canary | Tuesday

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